story time

Six years ago, to this day, a girl met a boy.

Spoiler Alert: this is a love story.

The day before the girl meets the boy, the girl notices the boy. She admires him from afar - his good looks, his talented guitar playing, musical voice, and his confidence. Before the girl knows it, she has spoken her thoughts out loud.. "he's cute" - only to be heard by a nearby friend. Slightly embarrassed and ashamed, the girl tries to brush it off but the friend knows who "he" is and the girl can't hide from her confession. With some slight prodding, the friend invites the girl to meet the boy the next day at a neighboring coffee shop. The friend and the boy will be there all day studying and could use some "study snacks" - a sly little hint given by the friend. Fortunately, the girl had just completed her first quarter of college and was already planning on baking cookies for a Christmas party she planned to attend.

The next day rolls around. It was Wednesday of finals week but the girl was already done with finals. She was excited and energized by the thought of being done. She bakes cookies for her party, gets dressed into her awkwardly festive attire (i.e. ugly Christmas sweater) and bravely decides to venture to the neighboring coffee shop. Despite her boldness, she still needed the comfort of a friend to come along for the potentially awkward introduction. Before she knows it, she's at the coffee shop doors and her body is full of excitement and jitters. Imagine someone who drank a few too many cups of coffee... but she hadn't, that was just her. So in she walks, and before she knows it she is face to face with Mr. "he's cute". Her reaction? "Blah....blah....blah....blah....blah...blah....blah...blah...blah". She talked and talked and talked. Not only did she talk but she was animated and hyper. Basically, overwhelming. When she finally leaves, the friend asks the boy, "so what did you think?"and the boy's response was "really cute... but a little hyper". Despite the overly animated first impression, the boy and the girl began hanging out.

The story doesn't end there. The boy and the girl eventually got married despite many bumps and turns in the road. Now, six years later, the boy and the girl live happily in Denver, CO together. They never would have guessed that a silly coffee shop introduction would lead them to the place they are now but they are beyond thankful and blessed.

Do you remember the first time you spoke to your spouse? Or met your significant other? How long ago was it?


Cassie said...

March 22nd - the best day of my life so far. I love your story!

Kristen said...

New follower here! What a cute story :)

Rachel F. said...

Love that story and I remember hearing that comment from said boy when asked about you. :) What a great reminder to write down how you met...I remember ours...10yrs ago!